Workout for the Day

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So I had heard that when you’re trying to see the Pope, you should watch out for the nuns because they push and shove more than the general public…

Well, we didn’t have to fight any nuns (actually we interviewed a few of them and cheered “VIVA EL PAPA” with them) but Zach, Andy and I did have an interesting time trying to get to the security of CUA.

Originally, there were seven of us students together for the CUA/National Shrine event yesterday.  I had the camera and we interviewed a man on the metro and tried to find the entrance of CUA.  Zach was my main reporter and carried all my gear so we decided to stop and talk to some volunteers for the event.  Unfortunately, the rest of our group was too anxious and went ahead.  We couldn’t find them for at least another 30 minutes.  We had a front spot in the line, but we were told to leave by the rest of our group, but when we found them they said that according to the Secret Service, we should have stayed in line…So we went back.

Somehow we lost people again and it ended up Zach, Andy and I in the line.  The second they got us into a line and opened the gate, people started running.  So we did too.  We kind of have a Cloverfield-style coverage of the three of us literally in a full sprint through the campus to the security line, passing women and small children on the way.

It definitely made my day.  Gave me my workout.  That camera was pretty heavy.



Brief Opinion of the Day

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Hello everyone, just wanted to give a quick summary of the day before we head off to bed.

We started early this morning with an adventurous trip to the Metro, by which we eventually arrived at the Weston hotel in D.C. and met up with Dr. Coyle. While we were waiting to organize the events for the day, we were interviewed by multiple news stations including Fox News (Radio). While doing this we also filmed some of our own footage and were able to watch both the President and the Pope Benedict’s speeches given from the White House. It was awesome to get our first good look at the Pope on his 81st birthday in America!

After a while we made our way to the campus of CUA, and then the waiting began. Somehow, though, we managed to fill the few free hours we had by interviewing many people and fooling around with each other (especially through the use of our cameras!).

The big moment came around 5:30 when the Papal motorcade finally arrived outside the Basilica. It’s almost impossible to describe the extreme level of emotion that was present during the few minutes when the Pope drove up, blessed the crowd, and then entered the church. All I can do is speak for myself, and say that it was truly a life-changing experience! There was chanting, screaming, crying, and an overpowering feeling of joy. Hopefully later on we can post some of the pictures and sounds that we captured during these amazing few minutes.

After waiting two more hours, we again got to see Pope Benedict XVI as he exited the church and blessed the screaming crowd yet again.

As we were leaving the CUA mall, Stephanie was chosen to do a live interview for CBS. It was awesome to see the FUS name being spread across the nation! (Go Stephanie too ☺)

And now, after many metro/car-related tribulations that are too many to describe here (but do include a few “interesting” U-turns, a stop at a late-night diner, and a certain “shell” being caught in the Metro doors) we have all made it safely back to our respective houses and are hoping to enjoy a great night’s sleep!

See you all tomorrow,


Calling In

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Audio Report from out here in the Real World.

Calling In

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Audio Report from out here in the Real World.

Calling In

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Update from Andy Leonard.

Arriving at CUA

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Dr. Coyle reporting in after he arrived on the Catholic University of America campus just outside of the National Shrine.

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Start of a Journey…

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After rising early and leaving an hour and a half late, our crew finally got on the road to D.C. for a private tour of the John Paul II Cultural Center. We arrived at 2:50pm and were met by a reporter and cameraman working for WTOV-NBC. They interviewed Jessica Belback as a Steubenville townie and our two crews entered the building for the tour.

We were led by Jack Heretik through the first room until Deputy Director Dr. Hugh Dempsey met us to continue through the rest of the center, showing us where the Pope will walk tomorrow. The rotunda is the main entrance, with a throne at the front for Pope Benedict XVI. John Paul II also used this throne at a Mass in New York. It is here that Pope Benedict will address faith leaders of religions around the world. The rotunda and the entire JP II Cultural Center is designed in order for visitors to take a journey of faith, with its simplicity reflective of the tranquility of faith.

Dr. Dempsey showed us the gifts that will be presented to Pope Benedict from five leaders of Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Hindu, and Jainism. Afterwards, we went through the chapel and the Papal & Polish Heritage Room, at which point Heather and Andy were pulled aside for more interviews by NBC. Stephanie and Jessica had to leave the center to walk to Catholic U in order to pick up our tickets for the events on Wednesday and Thursday. We then met with Fr. Steven, the Executive Director of the JP II Cultural Center, and Maria interviewed him at 4:45pm for about 10 minutes. We spoke with him about Franciscan University and warmly welcomed him to visit the campus. Outside, Maria interviewed a group of students from Catholic U on how the visit has affected their lives. We finished at the Cultural Center at 5:25pm and left the premises by 7:00pm to find food.

We filmed in the car for the documentary of our trip, blasting music, singing, and dancing as we headed straight towards the Capitol building. Antonio and Dr. Coyle met with us at the Irish restaurant called Dubliners, then left for the home we’re staying at in Virginia.

The first day of our special journey was stressful but very fruitful. Although not everything went according to plans, when does it ever work out how we imagine? We can’t wait for the amazing opportunities awaiting tomorrow at the White House, the National Shrine, and Georgetown University.


About the Crew

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Franciscan Papal Initiative is the name of this blog because it is, in fact, the name of our media crew. We have the opportunity to see Pope Benedict XVI in Washington D.C. and are therefore taking the initiative to document the event. Most of our team comes from Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio, and is led by staff member Dr. James Coyle and screenwriter/producer Antonio Soave (Capistrano Films).

We will report on the Pope and the reactions to his message by other college students, also conducting interviews with bishops, Catholic athletes, the President of the JP II Cultural Center, and the general public of D.C. During our trip, we will be filming a three-part mini-series in the form of a reality show. However, to keep people updated while we are in Washington D.C., we are going to post in this blog regularly.

We also encourage readers to explore the links and RSS feeds on the side of the page to learn more about the Pope’s visit to the United States.

Calling In

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Audio Report from out here in the Real World.

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