About FPI

We are the Franciscan Papal Initiative, a group of Catholics including students and staff from Franciscan University. We are passionate about our Catholic faith and can’t wait to see Pope Benedict XVI in Washington D.C.! Our goal is to bring a fresh perspective to this national event, one that will include the thoughts and views of the overlooked public, rather than just what the big name TV networks tell us is news. There is a whole generation of Catholic youth on fire for the faith, and it’s time we bring faith and media together.

FPI Team:

  1. Dr. James Coyle
  2. Antonio Soave
  3. Heather Bartlett
  4. Joseph Corasaniti
  5. Maria Mitchell
  6. Stephanie Rangel
  7. Emma Smits
  8. Jessica Belback
  9. Alexander Johnnides
  10. Phil Rosensteel
  11. Zachary See
  12. Andy Leonard

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  1. This looks awesome! I can’t wait for the trip! There is still so much to do in preparation! We need some patron saints to interceed for us on the trip. How about John Paul II or Max. Kolbe? or BOTH!

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