Running, running, and more running…

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This morning the boys showed up half an hour late to pick us up (who said girls are always late =D) so we had to rush to the Metro. Unfortunately, when we got there we realized we left the camera bag in the van and Zach had 3 minutes to sprint back to the van (it was parked in a neighborhood a few minutes away) and make it back for our train. He ran as fast as he could the whole way and ran up the escalator as our train pulled away. The first person we left behind.

We made it to the Westin by 11:45am and had a pre-production meeting for the day. We were all surprised to find out that we wouldn’t stay together for the day’s events and that we would split into three groups. Antonio sent Joe (camera), Alexander (photographer), and I to the luncheon for the Catholic Athletes for Christ and bishops, and named me as the main host, which I was not at all expecting. A few minutes later he added Andy to our group and we interviewed a couple bishops, the organization’s spiritual adviser, MIKE PIAZZA, and the founder Ray McKenna.

Another group went around D.C. filming intros and bumpers for the reality show, and Maria went with Dr. Coyle and Antonio to a meeting with the former Vice President of Dreamworks. We all met up again at the CUA campus to see the Pope drive by to give his talk to the educators, but my group almost missed the cut-off. The gates were supposed to close at 5:30pm, but we were still on the Metro. All four of us SPRINTED to the campus from the station and ran by holding our tickets out, trying to look professional and important with our cameras!

The crowd was much more lively today waiting for the Pope with people singing and dancing and climbing the trees to get a better look. We were a few rows farther back than yesterday, but we still got a great view of Pope Benedict because he passed literally 10 ft. from the gate. Afterwards we were on live radio with the Sirius radio station The Catholic Channel (“That Catholic Guy” show) and we also interviewed our university President, Fr. Terrence Henry.

Taking the Metro back into the main streets of D.C., we filmed and explored the monuments at night and headed back to Zach’s house for pizza. However, we got split into three groups again and Zach, Jessica, Heather, Stephanie and I left behind the other boys…and Maria. Eventually made it back to the same Metro stop to leave for Zach’s. We watched ourselves on EWTN, and finally got back to our homes around 2am.

The day was packed with events and everyone is exhausted, possibly contributing to the fact that we got lost AGAIN going home (although not as long as last night).

We all agree that seeing the Pope the second time was even more exciting!


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